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Getting Started:

SpreadsheetNut is a marketplace where you can buy and sell spreadsheets. It is a community of people dedicated to quality spreadsheets that help make your life easier.

Join the community:

Create an account and find or request the spreadsheet you need. Sign up to sell your own spreadsheets and make a little bit of money. Use your referral link to earn 25% commission on each sale you send our way. Ask questions if you Need Help and get answers from spreadsheet experts.

Spreadsheet Support:

Every spreadsheet on SpreadsheetNut is sold by an individual company or independent seller. If you need support for your purchased spreadsheet, head over to the shop from whom you purchased the spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet has an “ask a question” ask-a-question button located next to the “add to cart”. Click on it and email the seller directly. If you are not getting any response from the seller you can email SpreadsheetNut at info@spreadsheetnut.com and we will do our best to help you out.

Become a seller or join the referral program:

If you are interested in selling your spreadsheets on SpreadsheetNut, visit our start selling page for more information. If you would like to join our referral program where you can earn 25% commission on each sale you send our way. Register a new account, go to the “My Referrals” tab on the left-hand side and promote your personalized referral link.

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