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Sell Spreadsheets


Are you a spreadsheet guru? Do you want to make money selling your spreadsheets?
Make one spreadsheet, sell it for a lifetime!


Design a beautiful and functional spreadsheet. Once approved, your spreadsheet will be available for purchase.


Earn up to 70% commission on each sale! The more spreadsheets you offer, the more you can make.


Promote your store and your spreadsheets anyway you choose. Via Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.

Sell Anywhere

You are free to sell anywhere you want. Sell on our site, your site, any site!

Set Your Price

You put your time in, sell your spreadsheets for what you think they are worth. Control your own price.

Instant Delivery

Once your spreadsheet is sold, we deliver it directly to your customer.


Note to sellers: SpreadsheetNut has a minimum product price of $5. Spreadsheets that are submitted with a price below $5 will either not be approved, or the price will be automatically changed to meet this requirement.



Register and create an account

Fill out your preferred username, email and password and create a new account.


Click ``My Shop``

Locate “my shop” on left hand side of your profile page.


Fill in your store info

Complete the shop registration form and submit for review



Once your store is approved, you can begin submitting items for sale


Start making money today! The more spreadsheets you have to offer,
the more exposure you will get.

No Monthly Fees

Secure Transactions

Easy Withdrawels

Earn 60% starting out on each sale! It’s your spreadsheet, so why not take home the profit!

Once your total sales equal $1,000, you will automatically be bumped up to Elite status. Take home more!


You are not required to support your spreadsheets, but SpreadsheetNut recommends some form of communication with your customers. In order to have a good relationship with customers and keep them coming back to purchase more, think about offering some sort of assistance, even if it’s just a friendly reply to emails.


  • Why was my spreadsheet not approved?

    Due to the volume of spreadsheets being submitted, SpreadsheetNut will not be able to get back to everybody on why their spreadsheet was not approved, that being said, here are the three main reasons your spreadsheet was not approved:

    1. You did not include any images of your spreadsheet (take a few screenshots of your spreadsheet so customers know what they are buying)
    2. You did not include any instructions on how to use your spreadsheet
    3. You did not include a detailed description of your spreadsheet

    If you included all of the above and your spreadsheet still has not been approved, please email me at info@spreadsheetnut.com.

  • Opening a shop

    Opening a shop on SpreadsheetNut.com may carry certain legal implications. If you use any assets in your spreadsheets that are owned by anyone else, you much have permission to use and resell them. All spreadsheets must be original.

  • How do I get paid?

    Your earnings will be stored in your SpreadsheetNut account until you reach the minimum of $50. You may then request a withdrawal which once approved, will be deposited into the Paypal account of your choosing.

  • Legal Requirements

    • When selling a spreadsheet you are making an agreement with the buyer that you own full copyright and are legally permitted to use and sell the spreadsheet.
    • SpreadsheetNut takes copyright violations very seriously.
    • If SpreadsheetNut finds any illegal items for sale, the sellers shop and money will be frozen until further notice.
  • What it means to be a shop owner?

    As as shop owner you are providing SpreadsheetNut’s and your own customers a product and a service. Please help keep SpreadsheetNut a safe community by following these simple practices:

    1. Offer clear and accurate descriptions and images of all spreadsheets. (including how to videos is definitely a plus)
    2. Do not mislead your customers
    3. Respond to questions in a timely and professional manner
    4. Provide quality support and customer service
  • What do you look for in a new shop?

    SpreadsheetNut prides itself in offering only the best spreadsheet templates. This is what we believe makes a shop great:

    1. Engaged shop owners. Providing excellent customer service and being a part of the SpreadsheetNut community
    2. Filling out detailed information about you, your shop and your products
    3. Providing quality spreadsheets
    4. Designing your spreadsheets to not only be functional, but beautiful
    5. Offering a variety of spreadsheets
    6. Creating video tutorials on how to use your spreadsheets
  • How are taxes handled?

    As a shop owner, you will keep track of all of your sales and expenses. At the end of the year you will do all of your own taxes. Shop owners are considered “contractors” and will receive a 1099 via email at the end of the year.

  • What file extensions are allowed?

    We allow our shop owners to upload these 4 file extensions:

    1. .xls
    2. .xlsx
    3. .xlsm
    4. .zip

    If you need a different file extension, please contact us