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Refunds For Buyers:

Hello, and welcome to SpreadsheetNut! Below you will find some information on how refunds work if you purchased a spreadsheet and are not satisfied.

Since all of the spreadsheets on this website are offered via independent sellers, please make sure you first contact the shop owner from whom you purchased the spreadsheet from. Here is how you can find the shop owners information:

  1. Locate the spreadsheet you purchased
  2. In the left column, you will find and area that says “Shop”
  3. Click on the name of the shop
  4. This will redirect you to their shop page where you can find contact and policy info
  5. You can contact the shop owner by clicking on the ask-a-question icon

If you are still having issues, or are unable to contact the seller, send us an email at info@spreadsheetnut.com

Due to the nature of the product, and no way to track after purchase, refunds will be given sparingly. Please see a list of reasons below that you may be entitled to a refund:

The spreadsheet is not the same as described in product page.

Each product page has a picture and description of the spreadsheet you are about to purchase. If you purchase a spreadsheet, and the downloaded spreadsheet is not the same as the one in the description, you will be given an opportunity to receive the correct spreadsheet or a refund will be given.

The spreadsheet does not work:

If you download the spreadsheet, and you receive error messages, or it just does not work, please contact the seller and inform them of the issue. In most cases, they will be able to fix the problem. If the issue is still not resolved, you will be given the option for a refund.

Why you may not receive a refund:

  1. You do not like the spreadsheet after purchase
  2. You no longer have a need for the spreadsheet
  3. You purchased a spreadsheet by mistake
  4. You do not understand how to use the spreadsheet
  5. You do not have the software to operate the spreadsheet


Since all spreadsheets are designed and sold by independent parties, SpreadsheetNut is not liable for other seller disputes. Although, we are here to help. If you cannot find a solution to a problem, please email us at info@spreadsheetnut.com and we will be happy to help.



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