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Seller Refund Information

Hello sellers! Thank you for joining our team and offering excellent spreadsheets to people around the world! We just needed to go over a few things when it comes to selling your spreadsheets and customer requested refunds.

As the seller of your spreadsheet, you are solely responsible for customer service and providing quality spreadsheets as described on your product pages. We know that there is no way to track the spreadsheets after the customer makes a purchase, and this is why our refund policy is very slim. But for the best interest of our customers and our sellers, we have come up with what we think is “a fair refund policy”.

Check out the “Buyers Refund” page

A buyer may be eligible for a refund if:

The spreadsheet is not the same as described in product page.

Each product page has a picture and description of the spreadsheet you are selling. If the buyer purchases a spreadsheet, and the downloaded spreadsheet is not the same as the one in the description, they will be given an opportunity to receive the correct spreadsheet or a refund will be given.

The spreadsheet does not work:

If the buyer downloads the spreadsheet, and they receive error messages, or it just does not work, they have been given instructions to contact you, the seller and inform you of the issue. Please provide the best support you can to help fix the issue. If the issue is still not resolved, they will be given the option for a refund.

When they will not receive a refund:

  1. They do not like the spreadsheet after purchase
  2. They no longer have a need for the spreadsheet
  3. They purchased a spreadsheet by mistake
  4. They do not understand how to use the spreadsheet
  5. They do not have the software to operate the spreadsheet
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