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Set goals, track spending, and analyze your budget. This budget is set up to be not only easy to use and simple to understand, but is also meant to empower you with both knowledge and control of your budget. In the concept phase, the original intention behind this tool was to give you the ability to grasp the multiple ins and outs (literally) of your pocketbook, while maintaining simplistic navigation and an aesthetic design. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that feels more like an online application, combining the best of both worlds. The spreadsheet is broken up into 5 basic “pages”:

Home Page.

​This page serves as your primary navigation page as well as give you the option to rename the file.

Starting Balances.

Here, you input all data that is relevant to the account you are managing. Set bill payment reminders, assign regular costs, and input data for both external accounts and debt accounts.

Yearly Goals.

Set goals for both savings and debt payoff accounts. Determine required monthly payments to hit goals.

Monthly Income/Expense Statements.

In-depth income and expense tracking for January through December. Get alerts for bill payments, keep track of goal completion, and monitor external account balances.

Year End Summary.

View your year end balances for all accounts and check on the percent completion of your goals. At any point, compare your budgeted costs to your actual costs for the year. Use this to reflect on the year, notice spending habits, and make appropriate changes if necessary.

But here’s the best part: projections. This budget gives you weekly account balance projections as well as an end-of-month projected balance. This is a powerful tool when incorporating financial planning into your budget, and allows you to make changes to your income or expenditures to adjust your look-ahead for the week, the month, or the rest of the year!


So Download Now to begin taking control of your finances and reaching your life goals and dreams!


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