Monthly expenses & budgeting tracker

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This Monthly Expenses tool uses a database in which you capture your budgeted and actual incomes and expenses. It can be used for your personal budgets or business budgeting.

It sorts all these items into Categories and Sub categories which are all controlled by you.

A preset report is generated in two clicks that will show you what you bank balance will be at the end of the month.

This report also allows you to:

Budget as far ahead in the future as you would like.

Switch easily between viewing only the current month and viewing few months ahead.

Easily view the details of any amounts that you need details on.

The Database style also allows you to use the same list to make any report, graphs etc. and analyse your spending however you would like.

The sheet inldudes

Empty sheets for you to capture you details

Sample Data so you can see how it works

Buttons at the top of each sheet for more convenient navigation


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