Payroll Register Spreadsheet

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Payroll Register Spreadsheet

Looking for a simple spreadsheet to help keep track and calculate payroll for your employees? This spreadsheet does all the work for you. Just fill in your employee information and hours worked and it will calculate all taxes, deductions, allowances. Easy to use.

1. A simple, beautiful and easy to read design. The layout is not cluttered and all over the place like most payroll spreadsheets.

2. Employee Info: input all your employees information based off of their w2.

3. Monthly payroll: Use the dropdown to find each employee, it will automatically insert the rest of the information. Enter the amount of hours worked and all calculations are done for you.

4. Settings: Customize your spreadsheet. I have built in all the tax percentages based off of the IRS website. You can change the percentages and allowances depending on the tax year. For updated information please go to the IRS website each year to make sure the calculations are still correct.

If your looking for a simple payroll software or spreadsheet for your business and are not interested in paying a lot of money, this is for you.

Why should you buy this?

Let’s face it, when it comes to your business whether big or small, time is valuable. You might ask yourself, why purchase a spreadsheet that I could possibly create myself? I’ll tell you why, for $24.99 is it really worth your time? I have done all the formatting, put together all the sheets, calculated all the formulas and put it all together in a clean and beautiful spreadsheet, all ready to use “out of the box” per say. Your time is worth more than $24.99 for the many hours you will definitely spend putting this together. And if that’s still not enough, remember you can write off this purchase at the end of the year, so if you think about it… I’m basically giving this away!


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