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If you’re a small budget film producer – making anything from testimonial videos, to actor reels, to local commercials, to interviews, etc, it’s tough to know what to budget for let alone what to show your clients.

This video budgeting tool will help you to not only keep that organized and clearly define costs and fees for your client, but also to set up quotes and an agreement.

This spreadsheet is programmed to create your fees on the back end, and to call up various numbers, percentages, and fees through a series of drop-downs, with VERY LITTLE to have to fill in yourself.

All you have to do is fill in your information, and the rest will more or less take care of itself. This is the exact document and formula we’ve used on our own projects, from TV commercials to music videos, to simple actor reels and more. 

It includes costs for everything – from your time as the filmographer, to equipment rental, addition of extra parties, editing, catering, and sound!

You can also just do these in sections, so if all you’re doing is editing a video (rather than filming and editing, or ONLY filming) you can do that too. It’s very robust and detailed.

We also have a version specific to Open Office, so if that’s your preferred version, please let us know when you purchase and we’ll send it to you.

This is very easy to use. Contact us with any questions!


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