Sales and Expense Spreadsheet Bundle

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Sales and Expense Spreadsheet Bundle

Let’s face it, if your selling products online, your probably looking for the best possible return in the most places possible. When I sell my products, I don’t just limit myself to Amazon, or Ebay, etc. I sell on every platform I can sign up for. Keep all your sales organized using my spreadsheets. Save money on my bundle! I am selling each one of the spreadsheets individually for 19.99, but with this bundle, get all of them for 44.99! That’s a savings of $34.97!

This bundle includes my Amazon Accounting, Ebay Accounting, Etsy Accounting and Small Business Accounting spreadsheets. All of them are unlocked! Don’t limit yourself by just selling on one platform, but get the most out of your product by selling on all of them!

I have spent many hours putting these spreadsheets together to offer a simple accounting solution. It is a very beautiful and clean design, easy to read and understand. What will you find in this spreadsheet?

1. A simple, beautiful and easy to read design. The layout is not cluttered and all over the place like most accounting spreadsheets out there.

2. Dashboard: The dashboard keeps you up to date on your yearly and monthly sales and expenses. Lets you know how many miles you have driven for a business purpose, so you can write off your miles at the end of the year. It also tells you which categories you have spent the most in. Everything you need at a glance.

3. Miles: When you drive anywhere for business, whether it be to pick up inventory, supplies, or to just have a business meeting, all those miles driven can be written off at the end of the year. The miles tab allows you to keep track of all those miles. It tells you what date you went, where you went, and how many round trip miles it took to get there and back.

4. Monthly Sales and Expenses: There is a tab for each month where you can input your monthly sales and expenses. It will calculate your profit loss for the month and display it at the top of the sheet. It also sends that information to your dashboard so you have a simple way to see how your business is doing. All the formulas are built in, all you have to do is input your data.

5. Settings: Customize your spreadsheet. I have built in categories for sales and expenses. If you would like to change one of those categories you can! Just go to the “settings” tab and customize your categories to your liking.

If your looking for a simple accounting software or spreadsheet for your business and are not interested in paying a lot of money, this is for you.

Why should you buy this?

Let’s face it, when it comes to your business whether big or small, time is valuable. You might ask yourself, why purchase a spreadsheet that I could possibly create myself? I’ll tell you why, for $9.99 is it really worth your time? I have done all the formatting, put together all the sheets, calculated all the formulas and put it all together in a clean and beautiful spreadsheet, all ready to use “out of the box” per say. Your time is worth more than $9.99 for the 4- 20 hours you might spend putting this together. And if that’s still not enough, remember you can write off this purchase at the end of the year, so if you think about it… I’m basically giving this away!


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