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We all know how important budgeting is, but did you know managing your net wealth is equally important in gaining future financial freedom?

I will provide you with an Excel template I’ve developed to track your net wealth. This helped me see my financial ‘bigger picture’ and allows me to plan where I should invest and put my savings.

The spreadsheet is built on the Office 365 platform and comes with an inbuilt example to help you get started.

Due to the confidential nature of personal net worth, the template is provided as-is. For data protection reasons, I will not ask you for personal information and I will not be able to tailor or customise the spreadsheet specifically for you.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial planning advice service. This is a tool to help you track your own financial wellbeing. You will need to customise and tailor it to your exact needs. The template will give you a good head start in the process.


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