Equitable Income/Expense Tracker & Analysis

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Managing expenses and mingling finances can be very complicated and create unnecessary tension in relationships and living arrangements. This workbook takes the stress out of splitting up expenses by calculating everything for you in the most equitable way while also providing you valuable insight and analysis of your income and spending trends.


This easy to use tracker will help you split your cost of living expenses by allocating all expenses proportionally based on their income. If desired, it allows for a specific split.  It also provides valuable analysis on a month to month basis including things such as savings percents, net worth, spending averages, and much more. It has the following tabs & capabilities:


1) January 2020 through December 2020 income and expense tabs. Input each persons’s income and all of the expenses incurred that month. The tracker will split the expenses between each person and show how much of each type of expense each person is responsible for. It will also show savings percents before and after their contribution to an emergency fund.


2) Analysis tab. Pulls in all monthly information & calculates monthly averages and savings percents for each person. It displays all of the expenses in a easy to read pie chart.


3) Net worth tab. Customize to each person’s accounts and input their amounts at the end of each month. It calculates each persons net worth as well a combined net worth and tracks the percent changes from month to month. It also provides a visualization of your net worth changes over time with an easy to read line chart.


4) Student loans tab. If you have student loans, customize this tab to reflect your amounts and it will calculate your daily, monthly and yearly interest accruement.


5) Emergency fund tab. Tracks your emergency fund contributions and calculates the amount you need to cap a three, four, five, and six month emergency fund based on your average monthly expenses. It also calculates approximately how long it will take for you to get to each cap goal based on your average monthly contributions.


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