Video Quote Estimator

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Spend less time quoting projects and more time doing what you love: making videos.

Estimate pre-production, production, and post-production time in one view.


– Client-ready Design: hide your reference sheet to send a professional looking quote to your prospective client.

– Custom Rates: set your own pricing for common variables in an easy-to-use, separate spreadsheet.

– Overtime: make use of the separate line item for estimating overtime rates (because what project actually wraps on time?)

– Flexible “Miscellaneous” Column”: add in V/O, custom music, and other ad hoc project costs

– Automatic, Relevant GSA Link: avoid re-Googling for per diem & average hotel rates thanks to a custom generated GSA link for each project based on shoot location


– Placeholder links established to easily navigate to,, and National car rental service

– automatically calculate sales tax on digital goods in North Carolina (with other states available for free upon request)


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