UK Property Income Modeler

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Ever wanted to quickly assess how profitable a rental income on a new prospective property is going to be? Here’s a useful tool for landlords and prospective property buyers.

With this model you can accurately determine yield, capital appreciation, tax charges and NPV of total income over a six year investment horizon for properties.

You can also adjust the tax rate depending on your circumstances so you can accurately predict (and save up!) your future tax charge on property income.

Tax calculations are correct for tax laws enacted in the UK in accordance with HMRC and the new mortgage interest tax credit system as at 2018.

The spreadsheet is built on the Office 365 platform and comes with an inbuilt example to help you get started.

Due to the confidential nature of personal net worth, the template is provided as-is. For data protection reasons, I will not ask you for personal information and I will not be able to tailor or customise the spreadsheet specifically for you.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial planning advice service. This is a tool to help you track your own financial wellbeing. You will need to customise and tailor it to your exact needs. The template will give you a good head start in the process.


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