The BETTER Budget

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I made this tool to help both experienced and newbie budgeteers on their financial journey.

Look, we don’t know each other.

I’m not sure if this tool is what you need right now.

You don’t know if I even know what I’m talking about (CPA should count for a little street cred)

This I know for certain

I know it because people like you have told me so


Using the BETTER budget will accelerate the following:

Paying off credit cards
Paying of student loans
Saving an emergency fund
Saving 6 months of living expenses
Investing in Real Estate
Paying off the mortgage

Everything a traditional budget offers PLUS:
No entering sensitive, personal information
No hassle with complicated software or apps
Step-by-step instructions are included
Simple, built-in calculations make it easy to use
Even use it from your smartphone!

The BETTER budget has helped¬†many¬†people find $100’s, sometimes $1,000’s they’ve been allowing to slip away, undetected.


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