The UBER/LYFT Goals & Reconciliation Excel Spreadsheet

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THIS is the ONLY Spreadsheet You’ll WANT for your BUSINESS! 

The UBER/LYFT Goals & Reconciliation Spreadsheet, is used to help direct your positive efforts more efficiently by creating excellent habits of your “DAILY RIDESHARE BUSINESS RECORDINGS “.

Use THIS to RECORD Hours, Trips, Earnings (combined & separated), Daily Goals, you’ll see Instant Over/Short Calculations, At a Glance Daily Earnings, Create a “folder file” on your desktop and simply…SAVE ASeach week for quick reference and continuous motivation.

The EASIEST WAY to Achieve Your Goals!  It’s classy & more importantly, it WORKS!

* UPDATE: New Fields Added to TOTAL your UBER & LYFT for at a glance viewing. AND now you can SCROLL after each day and make NOTES as they are fresh in your mind.

* NEW UPDATE 3/4/2019: “Cash Tips” cell added.


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