Marketing Plan Template

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Hey! If you are reading this you are probably looking for help with your marketing plan.

The template includes the following :

1. Auto-generated summary of all different types of advertising expenses

2. Auto-generated summary of print advertising expenses, broadcast advertising expenses, outdoor advertising expenses and digital marketing expenses.

Only monthly expenditure has to be inputted in subsections of Print Advertising,Broadcast Advertising, Outdoor Advertising and Digital Advertising sheets along with monthly product sales. The formulas present will do the rest of the work.

The template attached would take you about 2 hrs to make. Assuming you are a marketing manager at your firm this would have cost you $100-$180 to make (@$50/hr – $90/hr)

The template is priced at $59.99 which is a ROI of 67% – 200% !!

Also honestly do you really want to sit and build an entire marketing plan template or do you want to actually get to the planning part.


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