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Need to know how much money will be in your bank account before rent? It’ll tell you. Want to see the exact date you pay off your credit card debt? It’s all there. Want to make sure you have enough in savings before your vacation? This spreadsheet can tell you!


This is not a traditional budgeting spreadsheet (like Mint). It is an amazing personal finance tracker. It will not track how much money you spend in categories like food or shopping in your checking account. It’s a more holistic financial overview of all your accounts and savings.  It will track and project amounts in your checking, savings, retirement accounts based on the information you give it. And this spreadsheet will calculate the next five years of paychecks, expenses, rent, savings, student loan payments, retirement and more!


How it Works:

You fill in all your financial information on the start menu.

Once your data is entered you recalculate, and the spreadsheet will show your future money flows based on what you’ve filled in.

This spreadsheet will then calculate and track your: paycheck, credit card debt, savings, rent, retirement accounts, student loans, and other expenses.



This spreadsheet is for individuals.


It features:

One Checking Account

One Savings Account

Two Expense Types (Food & Other)

One Credit Card Account

One Student Loan Account

One 401k Account

One IRA Account



Excel Spreadsheet

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