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Do you want to control your expenses?

Dashboard Personal Budget is a great tool with quick access to budget comparison and analysis. Its basic function is to present income, costs and profit from your business or household.

It is also a friendly tool presenting you your budget in a new edition.

It allows you to look at expenses and revenues from a different perspective. The Dashboard provides you the key information you need. Get insight into your budget!

– All in One file,

– Macro Free Dashboard (Without VBA)!

– Friendly with bank statements

– Friendly for manual data entry

– Set you Dashboard view by the year and month,

– Easy to manage your data

– Easy to filter data on both mobile and desktop

– Modern design,

– Light and efficient,

– Ready for printing on one page,

– A lot of features,

How to use? It’s easy!

1. Copy-Paste your bank statements -or- Enter your data manually to data sheet

2. Set (or not) your custom categories

3. In Desktop use: Refresh your page (pivot tables)

4. Enjoy your Dashboard!

Mobile users:

Although slicers are disabled in the mobile view, you can still filter the data. I built my solution for this purpose.

Compatibility with version MS Excel 2010 and later. If you need version for Excel 2003, please contact us.


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