Credit Rating Tracker

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The Credit Rating Tracker

Overwhelmed by your credit rating?  Need to understand it better?  This spreadsheet is a major step in the right direction.  Enter your details about your current credit situation and then allow the spreadsheet to automatically populate with ratings, charts, graphs, and timelines of all the key credit rating categories that define your credit score.

Quickly populate an easy to use and understand template that will drive the functionality of the rest of the workbook.

Tackle the key credit rating categories like Average Length, New Credit, Payment History, Utilization, and Account Variety that drive your credit score.  Have the ability to modify, plan, and strategize how to improve or maintain your credit rating.

Workbook will automatically:

–        Calculate the average length of your credit accounts across all types and show a 2 year projection.

–        Review your new credit rating by taking into consideration hard inquiries on your account and let you see when they expire and how that impacts your credit rating over time.

–        Project your credit payment history based on number of payments missed and the number of payments paid each month

–        Provide a starting point for understanding your credit utilization rating and what types of strategies you can take to improve this area

–        See the # of accounts open and the variety of those accounts.

In order to effectively improve your  credit rating you need to spend some with it and not just get handed over a score every once and while.  Take control of it by thoroughly understanding where you stand and what the impact your decisions will have over the next two years.


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