Control of individual, simplified and three-shift hours

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This Excel file provides the solution for simplified management and control of hours worked by an employee. May be indicated
hour of arrival and output in up to three shifts, as well as overtime 50% and 100% if any. It is also possible to register in a table next to the
base salary, among other payment characteristics to then get the final salary to pay to the employee. There are 13 worksheets, one for each month of the year and a “GENERAL” worksheet where you can change the current year to get the correct days and dates in the months worksheets.

Worksheet for each month
Each month of the year has its worksheet, facilitating the organization and registration of the data. The arrival and output of the employee must be registered in the morning, afternoon, evening or in just one shift, overtime 50% and 100% can also be registered. Automatically will how many hours have been worked. Next to it there is a table to register extra information about the payment of each employee, thus generating the final salary.

Worksheet GENERAL
Registration of the current year. When you change this year, the days of the week and the dates of the months’ worksheets automatically change.


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