Automated Investment Tracker Excel Spread Sheet

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Automated investment tracker with formulas

Just plug in the entry and exit point of your trade and it will automatically calculate your: win/loss in cash and percentage, year to date win loss. You can also you to plan and project your profit on a trade you will makr


– Automated Color coding W/L ratio and %

– Availability to track option also

– Projected win/loss

Easy to edit, all hardwork is done and formulas are included with spread sheet.

NOTE: Since this is one of the few spread sheets that is compatible with options and stocks there were some special codes that needed to be added. If you want to track any spread in which you are recieving premium (Credit spread)(ex: Iron condor/ selling to open an option) You need to type “Option Spread” under the tab that says Security type or else the program will think it is a stock and will calculated a different way. If you have any questions email @ and I will gladly help you edit or answer any questions you may have.


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