2 Hour Learn Excel Basics Workbook

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This is our core product! 
We believe that Excel is a very simple product, and there are millions of videos and tutorials all around the internet.


This product is meant to learn everything you need to learn in Excel! This tool is valuable for high-school students, college students, entry level professionals, adults who are confused with excel, seniors, etc.! It it easy to read and follow, with free support!

There is no one tool that:
Shows you everything you need to know in one spot
Shows you step by step examples of every category with pictures
Has Try it Yourself sections so that you can practice on the SAME spreadsheet
Has ZERO videos so you don’t get bored watching for hours and hours
Free e-mail support

The following categories are covered:
General Formats
Format Painter
Conditional Formatting
Basic Formulas
Text to Columns
IF Statement
Pivot Tables with Example



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