1 – 6 Golf Rounds Scoresheet

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The “1 to 6 Golf Rounds Scoresheet” workbook is designed for up to 32 players and includes up to 6 rounds of play for a small golf tour or tournament. It will track and display the daily winner and display the current low net and low gross leader after each round played.

If the tour is playing a match tournament at the same time the workbook will automatically track the inputted scores from the stroke play and calculate each match winner and set the matches for the next round.

If the tour is playing skins, the workbook contains options for carried or shared skins. Simply select who is playing and what the costs each will be, it will then automatically input the scores and deliver the daily winnings.  Since skins don’t use handicaps, the groups are split into 2 flights of up to 16 players each so higher cap players don’t have to compete against the better players.


Once you enter your players, caps and chosen courses there are many formulas and macros that will do all the work for you, basically after it is personalized all you do is enter the scores.

How sweet is that?

Bonus sheets include:

·         Players list to keep all your friends’ names and handicaps. This page also includes the instructions on how to use this workbook.

·         Match play results page to see just the outcomes at a glance.

·         Stroke play summary of daily score, total net and total stroke scores.

·         A groups sheet to automatically generate the foursomes, mixing them up to allow everyone a chance to play with different people each day.

·         A courses sheet for you to enter a dozen of your favourite courses with their scorecard info.

·         A contact info page to keep your friends name, email, phone number etc.

·         A costs page to track entry fee, cost incurred and payouts for prizes.

I have made this excel workbook as user friendly as possible, all the cells that contain formulas are locked so there is no need worry about losing any calculations that are critical to the operation of the workbook.


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