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Why was my spreadsheet not approved?

When uploading new spreadsheets, we have a list of criteria that needs to be met. The criteria is below, but keep in mind, this is only a guideline. There are many other reasons why your spreadsheet may not be approved, but if you follow this list the chances are good.

  1. All spreadsheets must have an image
  2. Minimum selling price for spreadsheet must be $5 +
  3. There must be a detailed and accurate description of the spreadsheet
  4. The spreadsheet must have a name that reflects what your spreadsheet does
  5. Your spreadsheet must be placed in a category
  6. You must upload the spreadsheet using an accepted file extension

The list below is not required but smiled upon 🙂

  1. Uploading more than one image
  2. Adding detailed tags that describe your spreadsheet
  3. Offering support to your customers
  4. Creating documentation on how to use your spreadsheet. This can be a video (preferred), or written

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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