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I need help with a spreadsheet I purchased.

If you need any assistance with a spreadsheet you purchased, please contact the shop owner who you purchased the spreadsheet from. SpreadsheetNut is a marketplace that allows other people to sell their spreadsheets to customers. SpreadsheetNut does not have knowledge of how to use a specific spreadsheet unless it was created by SpreadsheetNut.

There are two ways to contact the shop owner:

Option 1

  • Locate the spreadsheet you purchased on SpreadsheetNut and look on the left hand side for “Shop”
  • Click on the name of the Shop


  • You will be taken to the shop owners page
  • Click on the speech bubble in the middle of the shops page under the “description”shop-speech-bubble
  • A pop up window will appear. Type in your message to the shop owner


Option 2

  • Go to the product page of the spreadsheet you purchased
  • Click on the speech bubble icon next the the “add to cart” button
  • speech-bubble-product
  • A pop up window will appear where you can type your message


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